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Things to Do In Mission, Texas


Las Ebanos Ferry in Mission, Texas

Just a few miles away from Chimney Park RV Resort in Mission, Texas is a one-of-a-kind sight seeing opportunity. It’s the last hand-operated ferry operating on either border and the only vehicle ferry in the entire state of Texas. This is not your average border crossing into Mexico. This sleepy little backwater may be the safest border crossing into Mexico.


Los Ebanos Ferry Crossing History

This is an ancient ford. The first recorded usage was by Spanish explorers and colonists under Jose de Escandon in the 1740’s on the Rio Grande.  A salt trail led from here to El Sal del Rey (40 mi. NE).  The ford was used by Mexican War troops, 1846, by  Texas Rangers chasing cattle rustlers, 1874, by smugglers in many eras, especially during the American prohibition years, 1920’s and 30’s.  The ferry and inspection station were established in 1950.  Named for the ebony trees here, this is known as the only government licensed, hand-pulled ferry on any boundary of the United States.

Yes… It’s a little bit of quaint history. There’s not much on the other side, but if you are looking for a charming, quiet, border crossing into Mexico this is the place.

Safest Mexico Border Crossing?

Bring your car (it will carry three cars at a time) or leave your car in the US and get hand-pulled across the Rio Grande into Mexico, then turn around and get pulled right back.

It is very unusual. Men actually pull cables to make the ferry go across the water. It’s a great photo opportunity.

Getting through customs is fast and easy, but make sure to bring your passport – you will be going into Mexico after all.

This is the smallest of eight official ports of entry into southeast Texas from Mexico and it provides a rare glimpse of a fast vanishing world.

Purchase tickets for the crossing from a small kiosk which has been in operation since 1950. It takes 50 cars or more a day, mostly Mexicans who use it to come to the United States for work or to visit family. Many tourists also use it.

We even know of several Winter Texans take their bikes with them on the ferry and then ride to a small Mexican town a couple of miles from the river where they will have lunch and then return. What a fun adventure!


Los Ebanos Ferry Cost:

$2.75 (as of 2010)

Los Ebanos Ferry Crossing Phone:

(956) 485-1084

Los Ebanos Ferry Crossing Hours:

7:00 AM-12:00 AM(Central)
Seven Days A Week (7)

Los Ebanos Ferry Terminal Location:

At the end of Flores St.
Los Ebanos, TX 78565

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